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Collector’s Fine Art Appraisal, Barbara Preston, principal owner and  appraiser, has been serving Aspen & Vail, Steamboat & Telluride,  areas for over 20 years and in the art industry for 30 years.

New York University and the Appraisers Association of America, NY,  are the primary sources of Barb Preston’s formal appraisal education and  credentialing.

Barbara’s areas of expertise have expanded dramatically over the  years, education, travel and training, exposure and knowledge, directly  correlating to the breadth of collections and personal property inherent  to the area.


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Appraisal Services

Insurance Appraisal


Homeowners often inaccurately value their possessions by using original bills of sale or inappropriate previous appraisals, thereby under or over insuring their collection and contents.

Damage/Loss Appraisal


These appraisals can be complicated given an appraiser must first  establish the value prior to damage, extent of damage, cost to repair or  restore the object if restorable, and then loss in value. Sometimes  objects cannot be restored to a satisfactory integrity and aesthetic, so it is a total loss.

Estate Appraisal


 The IRS requires a qualified appraiser, USPAP compliant (Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice), for submission of Estate Tax appraisals.  An unqualified appraisal will be rejected and possibly fined. In  addition, there are specific market levels and approaches associated  with an Estate Appraisal which directly influence values.

Donation Appraisal


 A formal appraisal for artwork or collectibles must be submitted to the IRS for a donation of five thousand dollars or greater. Collector’s Fine Art Appraisal has performed many high level donations all of which have been accepted by the IRS.

Dissolution of Marriage Appraisal


This category is the least utilized and most beneficial valuation of all. Couples often use bills of sale or original costs for furnishings, art,  carpets, antiques, etc. as an inexpensive and quick means to an end. However, Dissolution of Marriage appraisals are based on marketable cash which is the net value anticipated, in hand, after selling the objects.

Equitable Distribution Appraisal


 Estates and families often use an equitable distribution appraisal for  planning, selecting, and distributing personal property in advance. This way family members actively participate in their inheritance which minimizes future dissension. 

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