Equitable Distribution Appraisal

Estates and families often use an equitable distribution appraisal  for planning, selecting, and distributing personal property in advance. This way family members actively participate in their inheritance which minimizes future dissension.

There are different approaches to valuations and levels of  marketplaces which greatly influence appraisals. Personal property is  primarily sold through auction houses, yard sales, EBAY, consignment,  and often household contents are donated to Goodwill or Restore. These  valuation levels range from secondary markets to liquidation. A formal  appraisal of this type ensures that all the facts are known prior to  beneficiary selection, so assets are distributed equally should the time  or need arise.

True Story: A wonderful couple retains us for estate  planning purposes. The heirs really have no interest in the Blue-chip  art collection and intend to sell it all upon passing. The heirs having  all the facts, market conditions, collection factors, all pertinent  facts of each piece, and marketable cash value for each item, allowed  the parents to resolve issues in advance and distribute assets  accordingly.



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Barbara Preston, Member Appraisers Association of America, NY